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Leader in

Is your data & information scattered in multiple places?
Do you have limited visibility to all the information you need?
Does it take too long to build your reports?

Looking for a Better Way to Utilize Your Data To Make Business Decisions

As Kansas City's Power BI Leader & Microsoft Partner, we build data aggregation and visualization solutions within our clients existing IT infrastructure, so their management &/or teams can utilize their own data to find answers to the questions that influence their decisions and operations.

Roll-Up Reports

Roll data into more real-time interactive & exportable reports to find answers to the information you need to run/manage your part of the operation.

Action Dashboards

Present highly visible information to your team to promote responsibility and keep everyone “in tune” with the current status of important items.

Discovery Reports

Connect and aggregate transactional / historical data into tables and charts with filtering and slicing tools for users to drill into structured data.

Dashboards Built Specifically for Your Business

Most companies utilize different software and applications for each part of their organization, but they don't always work together or specifcially fit what makes each company or department unique. Using Power BI we can bring that data and information together, while accomodating the nuance of your organization.

  • Built to Your Organization &/or Departments
  • Drilled Down to the Specific Information You Need
  • More "Real Time" Visibility
  • Minimized Time Compiling Reports
  • You Own & Control