Keep Customers Engaged Between Visits

Customers have less time for meetings and calls, but still want product information. Engage sales kits provide sales teams with professionally-design and ready-to-send communication tools for featured products.

Product Visibility

Put your products in front of customers, by featuring new products, or reintroducing current ones.

Focused Team

Lead your sales team and have them focus on the products and lines that strategically help your organization.

Aligned with Manufacturer

Your direct sales approach will align with your manufacturers' marketing and production strategies.

Efficient for Customers

Your customers will get information that fits their availability without getting lost in blanket email blasts.

Engage Sales Kits

For Manufacturers' Reps

Each Kit Includes

Professionally-designed, delivered and ready for your sales team to put in front of the customer within minutes.

Product Flyer

Personalized Contact Info


Product Slide

PDF for Tablets
PowerPoint for Presentations


Email Text

Copy + Paste + Send
Insert into CRM Mail Lists

Easily send from your phone while in a parking lot.

The direct email text is available to copy and paste right on your phone, with a link to the flyer embedded.

Design & Development Process

You’re busy, so we keep the process easy, quick and turn-key. All we really need is to know what product you would like to feature, and where the current information from your manufacturer is located.

Step 1
Forward Attachments or Link

Send us whatever is available or been provided to you by the product manager.

Step 2
We Design the Kit

We will create the kit elements to feature the value and capacities of the product.

Step 3
You Approve & We Distribute

We post the kit through SharePoint for immediate access and future availability for your team.

Less than 20 Minutes

Our goal is to keep your entire effort in providing us information and reviewing designs under 20 minutes per kit.
You can even connect us directly with your manufacturer's product manager / marketing team.

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