Easily Find Historical Files When You Need Them

A protected document center configured in your company Office 365 environment with a tool that will search all files and content within the files, whether organized in folders or not.

Anytime + Anywhere

Your legacy and archived files will be stored in your Microsoft Office 365 environment, searchable and accessible anywhere.


No Folder Clean Up

The search tool takes the legwork out of organizing your files, so you can spend time on your business - not on cleaning up your old server files.


Powerful Search

The dynamic search tool will scan and index text and information from within the document and its properties, to return better results than other file storage platforms.



The structure of the Microsoft Office 365 environment allows for expansion when needed without additional hardware. Start with up to 500 GB.

Search Archive

For Microsoft Office 365

Stand-alone SharePoint site in your environment, with pre-built file libraries (master folders) and a “google-like” search tool configured.

Drag + Drop Upload

Search & Folder Views

File Preview Pop-Up

Administration Guide

Control Permissions

Secure Access

3 Solution Models & Pricing Tiers
Quick & Lean | Agile | Enterprise


You’re busy, so we keep the implementation process easy, quick and turn-key. We will get everything configured and ready, so you or designated members of your staff can start to drag + drop upload when convenient.

Take Screenshot

Of your current back-up / server drive top-level file folders, or make a bulleted list.

Send Us An Email

With the screenshot, list of users to have access and 20 files.

15-Minute Guided Tour

We’ll walkthrough the site and you can test how easy it is to use.


Please contact us, or proceed to our pricing pages.

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