Get More from Your Cloud

Get More From Your Team

Let us provide our turn-key + affordable service to configure your Microsoft Office 365 environment, implementing our customizable framework for your entire organization to become more efficient, fluid, transparent and flexible, through modern collaboration tools.

More Efficient Teams

Increased productivity from modern access and connectivity to information, resources and coworkers.


Bridge the Generations

Modern tools for the millennials and tech-savvy that pair with what everyone is used to.


Fluid Collaboration

Realtime information-sharing and work group collaborative transparency.


Connected & Aligned

Your team on the same page, marching toward the strategic direction of your company.


Faster Onboarding

Get new hires, or young talent, up-to-speed faster with training tools and the digital view of your company.


Flexible Control

Scale up or down with your business, with everything controlled in your cloud.

Our Suite

Have 1 or All Solutions Installed On Your Cloud

Our Operations Suite solutions are customizable and flexible for expansion, but will serve as the base foundation have your team get the most out of your Office 365 resources ... therefore, you'll get the most out of your team.

3 Solution Models & Pricing Tiers
Quick & Lean | Agile | Enterprise

Transition to Office 365 by a Microsoft Partner

Cloud Transition

Microsoft Office 365 Setup

We assist from the initial transition of email to Office 365 and Outlook, to configuration and migration of files to applications within your company's cloud. Our transition process will can have you up and running without experiencing any downtime, and we include: user setup, email migration, admin portal configuration, file transfer, branding and training guides for your team to learn on their schedule.

We make the transition seamless and will have your team utilizing Office 365 within days.

Microsoft Office 365 Configuration
Office 365 & Email Setup

Setup by a Microsoft Partner

Dropbox to OneDrive Transition
Transition to OneDrive

From Dropbox or VPN Servers

Office 365 Training Videos
Videos & Guides

Quickly Up-to-Speed

For Team Collaboration & Information-Sharing Solutions

We are a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) as part of the Microsoft Partner Network, we provide implementation and configuration of solutions within Microsoft Office 365.

Tutorial & Video Library

Tutorial & Training Library

Anytime + Anywhere Learning

We configure and upload our solution training materials and walkthrough videos within your cloud, but it can also be expanded to include training resources, safety workshops, lunch & learn presentations, to product demos.

Allow your team to learn, or revisit training materials and guides on their schedule.

Modern Intranet on SharePoint

Modern Intranet

Hub for Company-Wide Resources

Everyday employees need access to common company tools and information, why not give them an easy-to-use, self-service portal that won't take up their time, or their peers' time to track down information and documents.

We have three base frameworks for the size of your organization (from less than 25 employees to over 500), that can include: Human Resources, Technology & Support Center, Training Center, Project Center, Presentation Tool Library.

Get away from important or shared information getting lost in everyone's email, with a self-service resource library for your team.

Team Work Sites

Team Work Centers

Collaboration Made Simple

We provide implementation, setup and customization of the Office 365 resources for teamwork, including: SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive & more. Project management, file sharing, co-authoring and team meetings are now simplified within your cloud.

Implement what works best for your teams to be more efficient, transparent and productive.

Legacy File Search

Search Archive

Document Search Center for Legacy Files

Do you need to retain your historical records and archived files? Put your files where they’re securely stored in the Microsoft cloud, with the ability to search and find what you’re looking for anytime in the future.

A powerful search tool you can access anytime, or anywhere, with no need to clean up old files.

Easily Find Historical Files When You Need Them



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3 Solution Models & Pricing Tiers
Quick & Lean | Agile | Enterprise