Spyre Suite for Manufacturers

Our suite is designed to help product managers and regional sales managers direct their network of sales agents by providing them with all the tools to tell your story to customers on a regular basis.

Sales Portal for Manufacturers Rep Agencies
Sales Tool & Product Training Portal

Industry’s Most Intuitive Portal, Built How a Rep Needs It

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Engage for Manufacturers Agents
Sales & Promotional Tools

Promotional Tools Built “For” & Co-Branded for Every Sales Agency

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Coverage Scorecard
Dynamic Reports for Managers

Your Sales Data, How You Want to See It

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Our Suite

From our experience working with sales reps, our focus is on developing solutions and services to seamlessly enhance the our clients' sales presentation and management resources - so they can stay focused on their customers.

Manufacturer Version - Execute Business Development Platform, Powered by Spyre Group

Now Integrates into
Microsoft Teams

Sales Tool & Training Portal

Going Far Beyond Files in Shared Folders

Our platform was developed around providing the salesperson with a library of tools needed to efficiently communicate with their clients, along with integrated features for product managers to direct their sales network.

Training Presentations & Videos, Sales Collateral, Technical Literature, Brading & Marketing Assets, Call Lists, Administrative & Sales Processing Resources

Don't risk being lost within your sales partners' 10,000 other files, give them a place they can rely on for self-service access to everything they need to sell your products.

Engage | Co-Branded Sales Kit Development & Featured Product Marketing

Engage Sales Kits

Co-Branded Sales & Presentation Tools

Let us design & create the co-branded sales kit to promote the value of a product or service, so a salesperson has ready-to-send tools available, including: Product Flyer, Slide for a Tablet or Presentation, and a Pre-written Email Pitch Template for the sales professional to utilize on the right clients.

We deliver versions of the sales kit co-branded, with customized contact info for each sales agency.

Give Your Sales Agents the Power to Send Information within Minutes.

Agency Scorecard

Sales Presentation Tools

Visualized Performance for Strategic Decisions

Modernization and maintaining all the resources your sales professionals use for initial presentation to customers, including: company brochures, slide decks and product flyers.

Onboarding Resources

Launch 30

Get Your Reps Running within 30 Days

We assist setup and delivery of sales, marketing and training resources the rep needs to get started promoting your products and services, whether they are a new agency or you're launching a new product to the market.

Let us help you develop and distribute all the sales resources and training tools, for each of your agencies to successfully promote your new products.

Capitalize on the excitement of your new sales partner, by giving them co-branded tools and all the supporting resources to confidently promote your products to their customers.

Agency Scorecard

Agency Scorecard

Visualized Performance for Strategic Decisions

We build-out from our custom framework, utilizing Microsoft Power BI to roll-up the monthly performance and critical statistics for sales and product managers to view where they stand to the strategic goals of their organization.

Leaderboard & Sales Overview | Region Roll-Up | Product Performance | 3-Year Review
+ Opportunities Forecast     + Rep Report (per agency)

Onboarding Resources

Outsourced Design + Marketing Team

All the Professional Skill Sets, Without the Cost of Staffing

Access to a fully-staffed digital design and marketing management department without the overhead costs. Management or development of: technical product literature, company website, digital promotions, video, trade show exhibits, etc.

What separates Spyre Group is that our marketing approach is targeted on capturing leads to transfer to your salespeople and rep agencies.

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