The Figures & Indicators that Matter to Your Organization

Our Executive Scorecard allows the roll-up of various information sources for management-level visibility.

Visualized Trends

View the figures and key performance indicators (KPIs) you track through dynamic graphics, for better decision-making.


Focus on Forward

By understanding where you stand and where you're trending, you can focus on strategic moves for the near and long-term future.


Your KPI's

Every business is unique and all the stats you track are probably spread between applications or divisions, we bring what matters to your business into one view.


Running View

These aren't static reports, they can be updated at an interval that works for you (weekly, monthly, quarterly).

Without Changing Any of Your Current IT Solutions.

Executive Scorecard

For Microsoft Power BI

Custom configured dynamic dashboards, with the visuals powered by a hosted spreadsheet, to display performance and operations roll-up information to executives and managers.

Simple Inputs

PowerPoint Export

PDF Export

Mobile View

Share Reports

Flexible to Change

Options to customize further, or implement scorecards per department / division


You’re busy, so we keep the implementation process easy, quick and turn-key. With minimal effort on your end, we'll build, customize and implement within your Microsoft Office 365 environment.

Step 1
3-Minute Questionnaire

Our quick way of getting some of your general wants and a little information to start your scorecard drafts.

Step 2
Draft Report Build

We build-out and model the data points into working visuals and reporting dashboards for you to review.

Step 3
Markup Meeting

About a 30-minute discussion to talk through content and visual edits, so we can produce the right solution.

Step 4
Configure & Data Load

You'll supply your current data to us, and we'll take care of implementing and launching in your cloud.

Implementation requires Microsoft Office 365 account and at least 1 Power BI Pro license.


Please contact us, or proceed to our pricing pages.

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