Modern Tools for Top Management

Focus on Strategic Decisions & Partnerships

We implement protected workspaces for designated management personnel to share information, plan, and prepare for executive-level meetings - while incorporating customized performance dashboards for a more complete view of your organization.

Org-Wide View

Centralized information and resources available to leadership and key management.


View Trends

Dynamic roll-up reports from operational groups, to maintain or adjust your course.


Connected Management

Digital workspace for interdependent divisions and managers to share information and collaborate.


Strong Partnerships

Custom presentation reports and tools to view workings between vendors, distributors and other partners.

Our Suite

Tools to Stay Focused on Leading Your Organization

Our Executive Suite solutions are customized to fit your management team's needs.

3 Solution Models & Pricing Tiers
Quick & Lean | Agile | Enterprise

Executive Center

Leadership Workspace

This management team site provides information sharing and collaboration tools for key managers and executives to more efficiently work together on the strategic direction of the organization.

The Executive Center is a protected site, permissioned only to those you select, and with the flexibility to grant access only to specific areas of the site.

Strategic Planning | Performance Dashboards | Vendor Records | Competitive Analysis | Contracts & Agreements | Financials

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Executive Scorecard

The Figures & Indicators that Matter to Your Organization

Our Executive Scorecard allows the roll-up of various information sources for management-level visibility, without an excessive IT project. Using Microsoft Power BI, we can build you dynamic reporting dashboards on the data points that matter to your organization.

What are your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? Let us build your dashboards, so you can see where you stand any day of the week.

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Vendor Relationship Manager


Streamlined Reporting for Vendor & Partner Relationships

If you have partners, vendors, dealers, or distributors, we can configure specialized reports to roll-up critical data for meetings, performance reviews and evaluations.

Dynamic Dashboards | PowerPoint Export | Simple Data Input

Update & prepare for your next partner meeting in minutes.


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3 Solution Models & Pricing Tiers
Quick & Lean | Agile | Enterprise